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I am an artist working between London and the Northwest of England and I work primarily with photography. I began to study photographs in 2011 and the more I studied them the less I believed in them. Photography; the slowing down of time. A moment pulled from times continuum, apparently... I like to photograph figures looking and being looked at, figures sleeping, sacred sites and signs and symbols arising through the everyday. I think a lot about mind-states.

To perceive. To truly look and allow things to reveal themselves. You could say that I take from the traditions of figurative portraiture, documentary photography and the family photo album; but my portraits aren't quite portraits and my documents certainly aren't true and my family snapshots observations of a dream.  


To take, develop and print in a darkened room, repetitively. It is an act of allowing accident, an act of intimacy, an act of acceptance and a meditation on the mystery of what is.

I am currently working on my first bookCome back soon for more news or say hello____ 

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